Younger Every Year!

January is the month when many people make New Years Resolutions.  Unfortunately, as we already know, 85% of these resolutions will fail within the first 3 months. Instead of making a resolution, at the beginning of each new year, I perform a Polar Bodyage Fitness Assessment for myself and my clients.  Together, we look back at what was achieved during the previous year and we agree on new goals and objectives for the upcoming year

This year, I decided to compare my very first Polar Bodyage Assessment ( 2004) to my present assessment.

Our Polar Bodyage Assessment uses a combination of assessments (strength, flexibility, cardio-vascular (VO2), body composition, girth measurements and nutrition) to calculate your body’s present biological age compare to your chronological age.

As you are able to see from the results of my assessment, the goal is to maintain as low a Biological Bodyage as possible.
Svetlana 2016













Svetlana 2016


Svetlana results 2016













What I have done to have a biological bodyage 15 years younger than my chronological age is not a secret.

  • I am extremely active person
  • I dislike driving, therefore I prefer to walk or ride my bike as often as possible
  • I lift weights 2 to 3 times per week. I enjoy lifting heavy weights and this has never made my body look bulky. The regular weight lifting has kept my muscles lean and strong.
  • I enjoy hiking, some aerobic classes and swimming when I have time
  • Due to the hormonal changes which happened during the last 10 years, I had to re-examine my food intake and I am much more aware of the type of nutrition which best suits my body type.
  • I have used vitamins and supplements for the majority of my life and this last year, I have discovered and began to use many wonderful nutritional and age defying products from Isagenix.
  • I love my job, my clients and my friends. I adore my family. I LOVE to be a Grand mother. It does take a lot of energy to keep up to a 4 years old girl. However, many times she finds that “grand-ma” has too much energy! J
  • I believe that two of the secrets of a long healthy life is be positive and to wake up every morning with a purpose for the day.


Train Smarter – Not Harder!


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