BodyAge Fitness is Vancouver’s top Personal Training Group specializing in “Defy-Aging” health & fitness training and lifestyle consulting for people from mid-to-late 40’s, the baby-boomers generation and older adults.

We are well aware and educated on how aging affects the body, and more importantly, how to slow down and reverse that aging process. Discover how staying active & Smarter-Training will help you to look and feel younger, delay the onset of age related diseases, help your retain vitality and energy throughout your life and much more…!

Michel Svetlana Pelletier, owners and results oriented fitness experts, are leading authorities in integrated health and fitness testing and functional training. They are using their combined 40+ years of experience in the fitness field to show their clients the most efficient way to reach their health & fitness goals as quickly and efficiently as possible!

BodyAge Fitness clients are profiting from their trainer’s scientific approach to designing successful training programs for every aspect of fitness training; from weight loss, sport specific performance to defying the aging process.

Michel & Svetlana are truly dedicated to their client’s success and they are eager to help their client meet and surpass their health and fitness goal.

Technology + Knowledge = GREAT RESULTS

We specialize in:

  • Defy age health and fitness programs for the Baby-boomers plus generation
  • Fitness & Lifestyle management for Menopause and Andropause
  • Sport performance improvement for aging athletes

Our expert trainers educate, support, and guide clients to healthier lifestyles through:

  • Action plans
  • Personal milestones, goals and objectives
  • Maximizing athletic ability, and performance

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Lori

    Hello. I just moved into the building and am interested in your services. Is it a cost per workout or per month? Are there specific times you train in the building? Thanks.


    1. bodyagefitness Post author

      Hello Lori, I have sent a reply to the email address attached to this post. Please confirm you have received my reply and let me know if you have any further questions?
      Thank you for your time



  2. Anne Perry

    Thanks for sharing your blog with us , I am also a fitness freak and I surely follow your tips in my life . Keep posting like this and educate people about fitness and health



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