Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor (CSNA) Online Education Program

Bodyage Fitness has teamed up with the Cory Holly Institute ,  the world leader in holistic, integrative and functional sports nutrition education and certification.

CSNA Education Program Enrollment

CSNA logoThe CSNA Education Program connects each student to the most updated and sophisticated leading edge information science has to offer in sports nutrition, anti-aging, health & fitness.

The CSNA Education Program provides students with an ideal combination of knowledge and insight in fitness, nutrition, biological medicine, natural health products and athletic performance. It truly bridges the gap.

The CSNA Education Program curriculum is comprehensive and practical. It is considered by many experts to be at the cutting-edge of holistic sports nutrition, research and counseling for trainers, doctors, coaches, teachers, health food store retailers and athletes.

The CSNA Education Program course material is continuously evaluated and updated to ensure that students are getting the most current and relevant information available from scientists, physicians and university research.

All Students Receive:

  • CSNA Certificate of Graduation
  • 200 BCRPA credits for all 10 modules (20 BCRPA credits per module)

The CSNA Education Program consists of 10 Modules:

Module 1
Human Anatomy
Module 2
Energy and Cellular Metabolism
Module 3
The Primary Building Blocks
Module 4
Dietary Supplements
Module 5
Body Typing and Individual Assessment
Module 6 Training and Exercise Philosophy
Module 7 Achieving Your Ideal Bodyweight
Module 8 Performance Enhancing Drugs
Module 9 Training Injuries: Natural Treatment
Module 10 Screening and Diagnostic Tools

CSNA Course Requirements, Features & Benefits 

  • There is no time limit to begin or complete the CSNA after enrollment
  • Study at your own pace, you decide where and when to study
  • Students need access to a computer to download the course modules
  • Students must be able to read and write in English
  • There are no additional books or study materials required
  • Each Module requires approximately 20-40 hours of student study time
  • Course includes access to hundreds of audio tutorials and knowledge videos on topics related to anti-aging, health, fitness and nutrition

CSNA Education Program FAQ

CSNA Education Program Details

The CSNA Education Program addresses all the requirements necessary to understand and teach sports nutrition as an art and a science. Get ready for the most comprehensive, complete and original study program available in sports nutrition today. This program will inspire and motivate you to action!

Life is a Sport! Get with the CSNA Education Program!

In addition to CSNA student tuition all students must become a CHI Member. For information please go to: CHI Members

Bodyage Fitness CSNA Student Tuition Special: $995.00!

Regular CSNA Tuition $1495.00 – a savings of $500 for all Bodyage Fitness client/student referrals!

CSNA Education Program Enrollment

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