“Age is nothing but a number!”

Since more and more older people have been exercising regularly, the fitness scientists have been able to perform studies on these “ Super Seniors” in an effort to find out what makes them tick…

And since social media has become such an integral part of most people’s lives, we have the opportunity to quickly find out about these Health & Fitness Superstar and be motivated by the fact that the studies are proving that “Consistency of training” is the main explanation for their amazing results!

One of my Hero is this 106 years old French cyclist, Robert Marchand, who is still riding around 3000 miles per year. He has been setting cycling age records since 2012 and he recently set a new “over- 105 age group” one hour track cycling by covering 22.547kms within that time. Here is a link to some of his story: https://www.outsideonline.com/2154271/105-year-old-frenchman-fitter-you

On the female side, this 80 years old body-builder is also showing that, as she says herself “ Age is nothing but a number!” ; http://ernestineshepherd.net/?page_id=2

By reading through the studies which have been done using many of these “Super Seniors”, one quickly realize they do not utilize “ secret training methods or any illegal drugs” to achieve their results. Read how these 4 men are proving that “ Age is just a number” : http://www.mensfitness.com/life/sports/4-men-who-prove-age-really-just-number-when-it-comes-fitness

It basically comes down to:

  • Regular workouts and the enjoyment of being active.
  • Enough recovery
  • Proper nutrition

It may sounds too simple to be real, right? I must say, I used to also believe these “Super Seniors” must have been born with the right “fitness gene” or some other kind of improved biological make up which allows them to be these special people. However, the more I get to know some of these local “ Super Seniors”, the quicker I realize that they have basically been following the same type of Health & Fitness Plan I and all our clients are on. They have simply been consistently on that training/life plan for a much longer time than I have…

I found it somewhat refreshing to realize this fact. I have just turned 50 and I, DEFINITELY, want to be fit and active for many, many… more years.

To read that Robert Marchand was able to increase his VO2 capacity after the age of 100 by following a systematic training plan had a major impact on how I have started to look at my present training plan. The statement “ I am in this for the long haul” has a whole new meaning to me.

I hope the little post will also make you realize that Consistency of training is definitely the key to long term Health & Fitness. Get out there and have fun working out!

Happy Training.

Train Smarter – Not






Michel Pelletier

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