SMART Coaching

Michel has been training Master Athletes for the past 10 years and he understands there is a need for a more personalized, one on one approach to help these athletes gain more confidence regarding their actual athletic potential and effectively train their endurance systems to enable them to achieve better performance in their respective sports and succeed!

Michel strongly believes that with the proper coaching/training system more Master Athletes will continue to improve, even as they age. He is dedicated to guiding each of his athletes at every step of the way!

Coaching Philosophy

Michel specializes in Working with the Baby-Boomer + Generation and the many Master Athletes who are still competing in their respective sports.

For Michel, there are no shortcuts or tricks to achieving success in endurance sports. Rather, he believes that as a coach, he can help athletes achieve their goals by employing a variety of time-tested, scientifically proven training strategies and plans. Michel is constantly staying abreast of the latest literature and enthusiastically applies the knowledge developed by countless athletes and coaches throughout the world.

Michel does not believe in the “one-size-fits-all program or strategy” to train every athlete, but rather believes that each person’s unique abilities, desires and life situation require an individualized approach to training and racing.

He contends that the role of the coach should be to help each athlete acquire the ability to eventually become his or her own best trainer, while still providing the feedback and analysis crucial to athletic success. Michel emphasizes a structured, efficient approach to training in preparation for achieving better performance but will always insist that endurance sports are “just fun” to participate in and everyone who participates should learn to enjoy their time while competing!

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