Personal Training

Our Training Philosophy

The “go-’till – it hurts” mentality is often exactly what your body doesn’t need. ‘No pain, no gain’ is a saying that dates back to the “Ice Age!”.

BodyAge Fitness training motto is “Train Smarter, Not Harder.”

Our personal trainers will help you meet your health and fitness goals with a combination of innovative, individually-tailored solutions. The journey to a fitter and stronger body begins with the first workout! It is not an easy step but being in control of your own health is worth it. We will help make the process exhilarating and gratifying every step of the way!

Our main goal is to make the journey to a ” fitter and healthier body”  as effective as possible.  Since our trainers have access to a variety if fitness training facilities, we will meet you at the most mutually convenient location.

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