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GOAL: Finish Strong on Race Day

This past Saturday, I took part in an annual Indoor Rowing Championship called “Beat the Beast”. Rowing a 2000 meters piece as fast as possible is the challenge. I enjoy indoor rowing races as, ultimately, it is me against the clock!

I had a GREAT RACE! In any type of racing event, I am a strong believer in: Having a race plan and sticking to it!

My plan was to try to row faster than 6:30 minutes. Therefore my pacing strategy was to get to my halfway mark (1000 meters) around the 3:15 mark and row a little faster during the second half to finish just under 6:30. Negative splitting… finishing strong… saving some energy for the end… All of these are very strong in my mind whenever I am racing or coaching someone who is planning to race and I know all of my best races have been achieved by sticking to my pre-designed plan.

Pacing for my first half was perfect. I had noticed 2 other rowers ahead of me but I wasn’t too worried about them until the second half of my race. That’s when I started to row slightly faster to see if I could catch up to them or if they were simply stronger rowers than me. Caught the first one with 500 meters to go and the last 1 with only about 150 meters to go. I finished in 6:27.7, only 1.1 seconds ahead of the closest competitor.

I have been going through this race in my mind since that time and I, once again, have this feeling of empowerment since I strongly believe that the main reason I was able to finish first and win this race was from the fact during the past few months of training for this event, I had worked on a very realistic race plan and by going through the motion and sticking to the plan, I was able to push my body to achieve the results I was looking for!

This past race only serves as another proof on how important an effective training plan and good race strategy is towards achieving good results in competitive events.

My yearly indoor rowing event is done now and I will now turn more of my attention on my road cycling events in the upcoming spring and summer.

I know many of also have upcoming road cycling events (or any other competitive event for that matter) and if you are really serious about achieving good results, take the time to:

– Design an effective training program and go through it while mentally preparing yourself for your event

– Have a pre-planned and realistic race plan

– STICK TO IT during your event!

The feeling of accomplishment you will get after having reached your goal, as you had planned, is always amazing!