Functional Training System

BodyAge Fitness “Functional Training System” (F.T.S.) is a training program that integrates balance, full body strength, core strength, stability, agility, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, flexibility, and more. These type of stimulus will increase your fitness level, meet your athletic goals, and develop your body to meet the demands of life and sport.

Our Functional Training System will revolutionize the way you exercise and show you that “Training Smarter – Not Harder” is the best way to reach any of your short and long terms fitness and competitive goals.

F.T.S. is applicable to any level of training; from elite athlete to lifestyle improvements. And the best part is our “Train Smarter – Not Harder” philosophy will allow everyone to get stronger and fitter without having to suffer through any of the set backs that often happens when aging bodies are pushed beyond reasonable limits in an effort to improving previous performance.

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