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Phone: 604 – 220 – 7003


**Our main facilities are at 980 Seymour Street ( see below)  but our trainers have access to a variety of Fitness Training Facilities in the Downtown Area and North Vancouver.  Our aim is to work with you in the most convenient and effective location!
BodyAge Fitness Location

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    1. bodyagefitness Post author

      Hey Brian. The issues with some of these, over the counter vitamins is that some of these vitamins are not easily absorbed by your metabolism. Svetlana and I are using Isagenix Ageless Essentials with Products B which are specifically designed by a friend of ours Dr Michael Colgan: They are easily absorbed and are a good support for aging bodies. They also include the Product B which is Isagenix formula for Telomere support. Please take a look and let me know if you have any questions? See you on the roads, soon I promise!!



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