Svetlana Pelletier

Svetlana Pelletier, BPE, BCRPA, ACE Senior Fitness Specialist

Svetlana Pelletier, Personal Fitness Trainer, Bodyage FitnessSvetlana began her fitness training career more than 30 years ago in Ukraine.  She was then a Physical Education Teacher and Swimming Instructor for adults, youth and children age group.  She also worked as a Personal Fitness Trainer and Aerobic Instructor in fitness clubs in Kiev, Ukraine.

Svetlana moved to Vancouver in 1999 and right away she began working as an Aerobic Instructor and Personal Fitness Trainer.

Her fitness training and coaching is mainly aimed toward showing her clients that regular fitness training can be fun and rewarding!  This allows her to guide her clients toward achieving a more balanced lifestyle which Svetlana knows is a direct path to defying the normal aging process and remaining young of heart and bodies for many more years.

Svetlana competed in Ball-Room Dancing events and she understands how achieving a balanced-body-shape is a major asset when competing in events where your performance is also judged on your aesthetic appearance!


Phone: 604-230-5552

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