We are pretty certain that the majority of your mothers told you (still are…) that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, guess what? She was/is correct! (as always, moms are the BEST!)

In our household, the first thing we NEED to do every morning is eat breakfast. Our bodies & minds are calling/begging for some nutrition. We are still amazed as to the numbers of people we meet and begin to train who tells us they have not eaten breakfast for many years. People, it is time to change this. Here is why!

Many different studies have proven that eating a healthy balanced breakfast will:

  • Held provide daily essentials nutrients:
    • Most people who skip breakfast will be unlikely to make up their daily requirement for some vitamins and minerals that a balanced breakfast would have provided
  • Allow you to have better focus, attention to details and productivity:
    • Studies on those who work in labor intensive type of jobs have shown that the people who do not eat breakfast were unable to work as hard until lunchtime and studies on children reveal that they are unable to complete school work
  • Increase your daily metabolic rate and help maintain healthy body weight:
    • Studies have showed that people who skip breakfast have a metabolic rate four to five percent below normal, which may lead to an expected weight gain of eight pounds per year (one pound every seven weeks).
    • People who do not eat breakfast have showed to choose less nutritious and convenience foods to curb their appetite. Poor eating choices will often lead to eating throughout the evening and calories are stored as fat during the evening hours as your metabolism does naturally slows down each evening.
  • Provide you with more energy to exercise more on a daily basis
    • All research have showed that people who eat breakfast have higher energy levels, during the day, and often engage in more physical activity than people who don’t.

There you go folks. Above are 4 great reasons why you should indeed, eat breakfast every single day.

If you are one of these people who have not eaten breakfast for awhile, starts slowly and small. A blended liquid protein shake with whey protein, your favourite fruit and some healthy fats is a great way to start!

Remember that Healthy Body = Healthy Mind = Longer Healthier Life!

Eat Smarter – Train Better

Svetlana & Michel!


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