Individualized Endurance Training Plan is Key to Success!

“Do you have an existing/sample training program I could use to update my existing training plan?” is a question people are often asking me.

The reality is that, no matter the type and duration of the event/goal you are training for, using an endurance training plan which has been designed for someone else, with different strength – weakness – time available… will, most likely not be very effective.

A much better idea is to ask a coach/trainer to design a specific training plan according to your goals/present level of fitness/weekly time available to train …

First step I would recommend is to go through some type of performance evaluation/assessment to find out what is your present level of fitness.

The performance evaluation should be objective and easily repeatable so you can see improvements as your train for your event/goal. The results of this evaluation will show your present capacity as an athlete and from there, effective training will allow you to get stronger… faster…

After you have completed your evaluation, you may want to review your goal event and to make sure it is a realistic and attainable goal.

Best to have your longer term goal; Your “A” race/event and have some shorter terms goals “B races/events” which you can use as stepping stones toward your major event.

Having regular and objective re-assessment will allow you and your coach to see how you are progressing and will be a good motivator!

In today’s busy lifestyle, it is best to “Train Smarter – Not Harder”! Making every workout count toward gradually improving your performanceHaving a training program suited for you will provide the proper level of training load to create the improvements you are looking for and, at the same time, allow enough rest for proper recovery. This combination has been proven to allow athletes to realize continued progress.

As your fitness and strength continues to improve, an individually designed training program may very well allow you to adjust your goals and objectives to levels you never thought you could reach before!

Train Smarter – Not Harder!

Michel Pelletier

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